Led by industry-veteran, Amy Cameron, Connect-Works, LLC (CW) is a boutique organization with 20+ years of collective experience in the branding, marketing collateral & promotional products industry. Through a wide professional network of resources, CW offers its clients—Nemours, Colorcon and Micron Technologies, among them— the expertise, technology and distribution network to manage their entire supply chain, minus the marked up agency pricing. By finding the suppliers who fit their needs, CW handles the legwork and streamlining of processes to create the vital time needed to focus on the core business—taking projects from creative and design, branding and copywriting to print and distribution. What’s more, by being vendor-neutral, Connect-Works is not only free to find the best supplier for a particular project, but also able to provide customized solutions that connects every client directly to the professional best suited for the job at hand, delivering effective and efficient schedules to meet the most challenging deadlines.

Amy Cameron

A seasoned professional in the project management field, Amy Cameron has been working with
a wide range of high profile and local clients—including Nemours, Colorcon, Micron, Aramark, Hanger and Fulton County Processing, to name a few—for more than twenty years. A graduate
of the Georgia State University with a degree in Marketing, Amy’s career path has run the gamut from time spent as a sales rep for Kraft after graduating with a degree in Marketing to her role as a Senior Account Executive at Workflow One for 16 years before finally launching her own boutique organization, Connect-Works, LLC, in 2009.

With a rich knowledge of the branding, marketing collateral and promotional products industries, Amy continues to streamline the creative to production process for her clients in Atlanta and across the United States.